My friends,

today I’m really happy because now you can download MODERN WEAPONS, my first sound FX library!

MODERN WEAPONS is a professional and devastating sound FX library designed and created by me specifically for film, multimedia and games industry. If you are a video game developer, a filmmaker, a videomaker or a content creator and you are looking for the power and realism of modern firearms, this massive sound FX collection is what you really need.

Click here to learn more…I hope you like it 😎

Citizen Carol Alpha v.05 is out now on!

Dear friends,

now you can download and play the first Citizen Carol demo on!

Some things have changed since the Alpha v.01:

Alpha v.05


  • Dust VFX – When run, jump and fall
  • Conveyor Belt (trap)
  • Bullcat Burger – Reward when Carol kills a Bullcat (enemy)
  • Bullcat Burger – Increases health points when “health points < 100”
  • Turret (Roof Mounted) – Alert VFX
  • HUD OST – Shows title and artist when a new song just started
  • 60 FPS Cap


  • Blood VFX – Now is more realistic, dynamic
  • Elevator – Design
  • Elevator – Mode of operation
  • Collectables – Design
  • Ammo – Design
  • Soundtrack – Loudness Normalization
  • Menus


  • S.A.T. (Self-Antimatter-Transmutation) – Now reduces more time
  • BOT (enemy) – HP: increased
  • Some minor balances


  • Elevator Stability
  • Some minor bugs



If you’re interested in seeing what I’m currently working on, now you can visit my public Trello board:

Citizen Carol Pre-Alpha

Hi friends, I’m still alive 😛

Nine months have passed since the failure of my crowdfunding campaign but don’t worry, Citizen Carol development has officially restarted a few weeks ago!

Many things have changed since that reveal trailer that showed you the prototype version of Citizen Carol 😉

Pre-Alpha v.01


  • Music and sound effects
  • Persistent Blood System
  • S.A.T. (Self-Antimatter-Transmutation) now reduces the time
  • Kills and Headshots now increase the time
  • Collectables now increase the time
  • Interior design
  • Hackable doors
  • Hackable doors can increase the health when “health < 100”
  • Sentinel (enemy)
  • Circular Saw Blade (trap)
  • Fire (trap)
  • Flamethrower (trap)
  • Portals – Transition VFX
  • Headshots UI
  • Bullet Tracers
  • Menus


  • Carol – Animation: Run
  • Turret (enemy) – Alert VFX
  • Sharkperm (enemy) – Scan VFX
  • Humanoids (enemy) – AI
  • Bullcat (enemy) – AI
  • Elevator – Textures
  • Elevator – Mode of operation
  • Train – Textures
  • Level 1 – Textures
  • Level 1 – Level design
  • Overall performance


  • Carol – Jump Height: increased
  • Bullets – Speed: reduced
  • Bullcat (enemy) – HP: increased
  • Bullcat (enemy) – Speed: reduced
  • Skull (enemy) – Damage: reduced
  • Level Score/Grade System


  • Some minor bugs


  • Level 1


Next time, hopefully soon, I will show you a new video about the alpha version…so stay tuned!