Citizen Carol



I’ve been in part-time development on the game since the early months of 2015. I left my full-time job to go part-time making Citizen Carol. The game is currently funded by my personal savings but, without your help, there won’t be enough funds to finish it. This situation would force me to go back to working full-time elsewhere and cause Citizen Carol to be delayed for a long time because there’s a lot of work to be done on it, which would require my full-time and attention.

Additionally, I’m Italian and my English is not very good, so I need to hire a freelancer for a professional translation from Italian to English.

Last but not least, I have to pay some music artists who opted for an early one-time buy-out fee per composition.


Citizen Carol is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and has been quietly in production since early 2015. Unreal Engine isn’t the easiest 2D game engine to produce results quickly, but some research and testing convinced me that it’s the best suite of game development tools to make a high action fast-paced game like Citizen Carol.

During this 2 years I created the sprites of almost all the major game areas, characters, enemies and vehicles. It has been a long job because, when I started making assets for Citizen Carol, I wasn’t a 2D game sprites expert.

Additionally, Citizen Carol gameplay was developed with feedback from expert speedrunners and hardcore gamers, because nowadays so few games are really challenging games without being stupidly frustrating.

Now all that needs to be done in order to finish Citizen Carol is to create some remaining sprites, put all the pieces together (level design), polish and optimize the game.




Set in an alternate 1986 and loosely inspired by 8-bit ZX Spectrum classics, Citizen Carol is a 2D side-scrolling shooter game with an unique highly stylized aesthetics, fast-paced duels and an awesome Synthwave/Retrowave soundtrack consisting of 46 tracks composed by some of the greatest exponents of the genre.

Developed with feedback from speedrunners and hardcore gamers and quietly in production since early 2015, Citizen Carol is Diat Funa’s debut project as a solo indie game developer.

  • Platforms: Windows, Linux – Kickstarter stretch goals for Switch, XB1, PS4
  • Number of Players: Single Player, Local Multiplayer (PVP: 2-4 players)
  • Controller Support: Yes
  • Release Date: Spring 2018
  • Languages: English, Italian – Kickstarter stretch goal for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Citizen Carol depicts a dystopian 1986 in which genetically engineered males are forcibly reassigned as females at birth by a powerful matriarchal empire supported by noble houses and corporations.

Citizen Carol tells the story of young Carol Stallonegger, a boy forced to be a girl who wants revenge on the Empire and the 3 major noble houses that control the known universe and destroyed her noble family.

  • You are Carol, a boy forced to be a girl who wants revenge.
  • A 2D side-scrolling shooter game with an unique highly stylized aesthetics and pure handcrafted sprites loosely inspired by 8-bit ZX Spectrum classics.
  • Challenging gameplay developed with feedback from speedrunners and hardcore gamers (Battletoads, Hotline Miami, Contra, Wolfenstein 3D, Niddhog and Metal Gear Online 2).
  • An amazing Synthwave/Retrowave soundtrack consisting of 46 tracks composed by some of the greatest exponents of the genre.
  • A kick-ass 2D action shooter game: claustrophobic level design, hyper aggressive enemies, fast-paced duels based on one-hit headshot kills, unusual vintage vehicles, 12 different weapons (from grenade launcher to portal gun), secrets, Easter eggs and the S.A.T. (Self-Antimatter-Transmutation).
  • Hardcore Mode, an optional gaming mode implemented to give an extra level of challenge to players. If you lose all your lives, you will be brought to the “Game Over” screen and you will have to start back at Level 1. There is also no save file or anything that you can save to, so you will not be able to go back to the stage you are on if you turn off the game.
  • Local multiplayer PVP for up to 4 players. Currently there are 4 planned game modes.
  • DRM-free distribution on Steam, and GOG.

Music is an integral part of the Citizen Carol experience. The official soundtrack features 46 tracks composed by some of the greatest exponents of Synthwave/Retrowave genre. It’s the result of 2 years of careful research and negotiations and tries to capture the memorable mood of the 80s.


► [DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL VIDEO – 1080p/60fps ] ◄

Citizen Carol is currently in development. The reveal trailer is a proof of concept and represents the look and feel that I want to achieve with the final version of the game, so the contents of this preview are subject to change as a result of a continuous improvement process.

Here’s a demonstration about painting the walls with blood (Debug/God Mode enabled):



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