Has MODERN WEAPONS been recorded with a microphone setup near every real weapon?

No, that’s impossible for my budget and the price (for all these sounds!) would be a few thousand dollars…over 10.000 because there would be lots of expenses involved to make a library like this based on real counterparts. The SFX have been created starting from some personal  HQ sounds (previously recorded for my indie game) and they are deeply inspired by the real sound of every weapon: the work behind them is really insane (over 2.000 hours!) and some friends helped me.

I’m a fan of some serious YouTube weapons experts, I watched their detailed videos and, where was possible, I listened how that weapon sounds in different movies and video games. Anyway, some weapons sounds are impossible to listen, so they are based on some (un)official information found on the Web.


For the single-shot weapons, how many variations are there for each of the 5 distances?

Every weapon have 1 single variation in terms of sound, so a single-shot weapon (like a sniper rifle or a pistol) have only 5 sounds: “Sound”, “Sound_Distance1”, “Sound_Distance2”, “Sound_Distance3” and “Sound_Distance4”.

An easy way to get sound variations is to apply a slight random pitch multiplier (recommended range: from 1 to 1.1) for each shot fired: some video game developers use this trick and the result is really good.


Do the SFX have too much or too little reverb?

Every sound have its natural reverb. This means:

  • they haven’t a fake reverb added in post production;
  • they haven’t long tails, something like 2/4 seconds (a sniper rifle have a bigger tail than a pistol);
  • they aren’t too dry but the tails are neutral so you can customize them for different environments (indoor/outdoor).


Can you add other weapons related SFX, like reload and suppressed sounds, to MODERN WEAPONS?

The short answer is no because MODERN WEAPONS is a library based on gunshots without additional suppressors (some weapons, obviously, have a suppressor by default). If I expand the library with new sounds, you will get a free upgrade but this is not a promise. No sound that is listed on Weapons and Sounds List is missing so, please, read this list BEFORE purchasing: don’t assume all the SFX you need are there.


What means “POWERFUL SOUND DESIGN”? Are these Hollywood sounds?

MODERN WEAPONS have the right balance between power and realism. The SFX have a good punch effect like you are inside the weapon barrel (!), but they don’t sound fake. The sound design is inspired by realistic video games and cult movies so, no, they aren’t traditional Hollywood sounds.


Why some weapons sounds similar?

Some weapons sounds similar because the technical characteristics of those weapons are similar: firearm type, caliber, barrel length. Furthermore, the sounds in real life are too loud and the human ears can’t detect a lot of frequencies; no one can tell you the difference between different .45 ACP weapon sounds, but they aren’t really the same if they are recorded with the same microphone setup and you listen them with a good sound system.

This library has been created with a couple of Focal SM9 studio monitor, but you can hear huge differences between similar sounds even with a pair of mid-level headphones.


Can I order custom weapons gunshots and other weapons related SFX, like Indoor/Outdoor sound variations? How much would that cost?

Send me an e-mail at contact(at) and explain in detail what you need. I’ll let you know if I can help you and how I can do it.