Once upon a time MODERN WEAPONS


Dear video game developers,
bad news for me, good news for some of you.

Since I released MODERN WEAPONS on Unreal Engine Marketplace and Unity Asset Store, I received several comments and e-mail concerning the library.

Only 2 messages contain compliments, thanks and respectful requests: those buyers read everything before buy and understood that with 45$ they bought an above average quality SFX library on which I worked for months and everybody can listen the result.

The others – unhappy buyers and harassers/competitors who don’t know who I am and have not even bought the product – bothered me with absurd requests and polemical/libelous private/public messages but I can’t spend the days answering them, because I have to work and I do not tolerate free offenses against me and my work.

I understand that not everyone is happy with a product of mine, that some people are jealous and maybe I’m not used to malicious comments from social networks. I appreciate the advice but judging with wickedness is another story, not mine. I am not paid to receive public or private offenses and falsehoods and, fortunately, I can live without this money.

Having said this, MODERN WEAPONS leaves the market but next updates will be available to people who bought it.